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FIFA World Cup 2018 – International Fan Fest Berlin at Brandenburg Gate

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Are you one of the biggest fan of the FIFA World Cup 2018? Now, fasten your belt because it is coming around the corner, it will be held on June 14th to July 15th, 2018. Sports fanatics all over the world is expected to witness these joyous and enjoyable events, cheering to their respective teams. People who would like to attend, booked themselves in advance, as peers, teams or individually. But if you happen to be one of those few who would like to have a companion while watching but don’t know where to look into? Why don’t you check these beautiful and charming ladies at Adventure Escort, the best Escort Services in Berlin and start your bookings for an escapades of your choices and your preferences. Embark your journey with Adventure Escorts to commence your FIFA World Cup 2018 once in a lifetime experience.

The FIFA World Cup has many fans all over the world and comes to these events to witness the games, but due to the numbers of people coming “The Fanmeile Berlin” is created and serves as the largest venue for public viewing with almost two kilometres long and provides a space for football fans party. They have an 80 sqm. XXL TV screens located at Brandenburg Gate and additional six video screens along the Straße des 17. Juni for the fans to have a perfect viewing.

The “Fanmeile Berlin” will be showing all group matches of the German National Teams including the knockout stage:

  • 17 June: Germany v. Mexico
  • 23 June: Germany v. Sweden
  • 27 June: South Korea v. Germany
  • 30 June: Round of sixteen
  • 01 July: Round of sixteen
  • 02 July: Round of sixteen
  • 03 July: Round of sixteen
  • 06 July: Quarter-finals
  • 07 July: Quarter-finals
  • 10 July: Semi-final
  • 11 July: Semi-final
  • 14 July: 3rd place
  • 15 July: Final

For all football fans security, the Fan meile Berlin checks at all entrances. Deadly and sharp items will be confiscated or items can be used as weapons such as aerosol cans, suitcases, chairs, fireworks, glass bottles, pyrotechnic articles, megaphones, alcoholic beverages, and laser pointers. Visitors are only allowed to bring cute bags, gym and bel bags or smaller pouches.

The Fanmeile Berlin  is accessible for the entire duration of the World Cup, door opens at 13:00 up to the last match on schedule.

  • Admission:The admission is absolutely FREE
  • Live programme:There is a live programme available before and after the match
  • Food and drinksare also available at the stalls along the Fanmeile.
  • Arrival:Football fans should arrive earlier at the Fan Fest to avoid closing of doors when the maximum number of persons is reached.
  • In visitors arrive at the closure of Potsdamer Platz and Brandenburger Tor stations, visitors have an alternative route and go to Hauptbahnhof (main station), Tiergarten station or they can take a bus to Großer Stern (Siegessäule) for possible entry therein.

The Fan Meile Berlin entrances is at Großer Stern / Victory Column, Spreeweg / John-Foster-Dulles-Allee, Scheidemannstraße / Yitzhak-Rabin-Straße, Bellevueallee south of Straße des 17. Juni, Ebertstraße north of Brandenburg Gate, and Ebertstraße south of Brandenburg Gate.

FIFA World Cup gives sports fan a time to enjoy with their peers and have a cammaderie, a date with someone special or a friend. This may be a medium for a once in a lifetime, first hand experiences intimately with a companion of your choice with your preferences from the charming ladies at Berlin Escort. Embark your football fanatic journey with Berlin Escort now!