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Interested in cooperation with Adventure Escort Agency?

Adventure Escorts welcomes enquiries from stylish, smart and charming women interested in exploring the secrets of a very satisfying and rewarding new adventure…

Are you ready for a part-time adventure? Every lady has private reasons for this decision, but usually it’s a combination of financial reasons and pleasure. If money is your only motivation, you will not achieve any success and you will certainly not enjoy your work. That is why we are are only looking for women who have a genuine appreciation of men and who can enjoy exploring sensual pleasures with an attentive and caring attitude. We are seeking for beautiful ‘girl next door’ type, with a fit, toned body, a pleasing character and a non-judgemental approach to others. We are looking for escort ladies who could generate the illusion of the dream or fantasy the client wants.

If you have a natural beauty, are well spoken, intelligent and friendly with a warm engaging personality, confident of your sexuality and enjoy the company of, please contact us with the first inquiry, fill in this casting-form. Please do not forget to send us some pictures of you (whatever you have – for example from your holiday), so we have the first impressions about how you look.

If you are interested to be represented on this website and to cooperate with us, you are welcome to send us your request with your photos.

Please email the photos to: adventure.escort@protonmail.ch

Please open the casting form here.

Do you have already experience?

* * Your images: For a first impression please send us some photos (for example, your vacation photos): adventure.escort@protonmail.ch Please understand that your application can not be processed without photos.