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Adventure Escorts booking information

This website is an advertising platform representing independent escort ladies acting in their own name and on their own account.
The ladies expect the payment for their time and companionship. Please give the amount agreed in cash at the beginning of the meeting, so you do not need to spoil your precious time with unnecessary business discussions.


We offer you the absolutely discretion and treat all the information given to us strictly confidential. Therefor we also expect from you to respect the privacy of the escort ladies. Please do not ask for a private phone number or any private arrangements.



For all escort ladies are studying or have other jobs, they need some time to get organized the meeting with you. We would appreciate, if you contact us at least few days before the appointment, so we have time to organize your meeting according to your wishes. In case you have an urgent request, please inform us, if you like to meet any lady available at a short notice in case the lady of your choice is not available. Please contact us for all bookings for the same day additional by phone, if you do not get any answer immediately. Do not relay on the email, for a delay in receiving your email is possible.

Please contact us via email first and give us all the details required on the form “booking”. If you did not get any answer, the reason for this could be that you gave us a wrong email-adress or your email-account is full. Please re-check your request or follow it up on the phone.

Please do not forget all important details like your name, hotel and your phone-number we can reach you also on the day of the meeting. All details can be agreed via email. When anything is agreed, we will need to contact you on the day of the appointment (appr. 1 hour before the meeting) to agree about the further details like the room-number.


Please note, that the ladies have different rates. All money paid is for Companionship Only. Please hand the money over to your escort lady at the beginning of the appointment. The ladies receive this in their own name and on one’s own account.

Advanced payment

In case of any arrangement for several days or any requirement for the escort lady to travel to your destination the advanced payment – depending on the travel destination – of minimum 30 % of the agreed fee plus the travelling expenses is required. Our escort ladies have to take the days off their regular jobs to escort you to your destination. The advanced payment ensures that you intend to keep the appointment.

Your appointment is compulsory after the advanced payment has been made. If you need to cancel the appointment please note, that the advanced payment is not refundable.

If your escort lady needs a longer journey to arrive the destination all travel expenses like flight or train tickets and the flat rate covering the taxi costs, meal and the additional time for travel has to be paid additionally. The flat rate is 150 Euro for travel in Germany and 200 Euro for travel in Europe . The ticket price depends on the airline company, date of the flight, time and availability. To give you the information about the ticket price we need to know exact information about your destination, date and time of the meeting. To make a general overview about the costs please have a look here: www.expedia.de. For some information to the destinations of the low-budget airlines please klick here .

Please pay attention to the City where your escort lady leaves. You can book the ticket for the escort lady or let us book it for you after you have made an advanced payment.